Deus Ex: Human Revolution

In this the scene depicts a desolate city being stormed by foes.  The ensuing fight results in a death.  The audio builds to a climatic resolution as the fighting ends finally mimicking the depth of emotion of a death.

The trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is cinematic in its scope – sweeping landscapes, playing with light and shadow, showcasing action – and the music had to echo that.

The piano chords at the beginning were a great starting point; their dissonance is to display the dystopian environment of the game, to set-up the desolation of the arena in which the game’s story is set.

The storyline is a dramatic one, and the intended audience for the game is much older than for Abe’s Oddysee, so Mickey Mousing to such exaggerated effect was not really an option. However, synching the action subtly to the music was much more effective; matching string stabs to onscreen stabs providing the rhythm of the movement and a subtle texture to the action.

I lightened the instrumentation in the “slowdown” section in the middle and slowed the rhythm by removing some of the percussion. This section was designed in the trailer to show off the design and mechanics of the game, and removing the percussion temporarily served to underline and emphasise this section.

There is a very small section near the end where the layered texture and discord lightens, and the stringed instruments slow down to bring out more of the melody – this was an emotive technique designed to highlight the short emotional section near the end of the trailer.

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