Heavy Rain

The score for Heavy Rain’s trailer footage includes a slow timed bass rhythm quickening to match the intensity of the scene’s finale. In addition, the character involved is built upon through the audio, developing aspects of the darker side of human interaction.

While Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a cinematic style, Heavy Rain pushes this even more. The gameplay is less action and more choice and decision-based – Heavy Rain is designed as an interactive movie more than a game.

I wanted to emphasise the human interaction of the game, and the best way to manage this was actually recording a human voice as an instrument for the opening. It is overlaid harmonically with itself; this sets off the uncertain tone of the storyline of the trailer and game, as it’s a technique difficult to replicate naturally, and gives the audience an uncertain feeling, not knowing what’s going to happen. It’s a haunting tone, which echoes the sadness of most of the game’s storylines.

I had some problems initially with the percussion and rhythm of this piece, and it was thinking about the human-interaction aspect that helped smooth out those problems. The drum pattern needed humanising – it was too rigidly programmed, and made it sound too unnatural. Adjusting the velocity and adding ghost notes brought in the more natural, human feel that the music for this trailer needed. I also had to work more on this trailer than any of the others to keep the light and shade of this piece working properly; the light and shade of the storytelling in the game and trailer demanded contrast.

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