This trailer for Journey does not reveal a great deal about the content; as a result the energy for the audio has an essence of swirling winds carrying away the feelings of the journey maker on self-discovery through the deserts of a far away place.

Journey is an experimental game and thus needed an experimental style of music to fit the game tonally.

Games occasionally have trailers with songs – for example, the original Kingdom Hearts trailer used Utada Hikaru’s song ‘Clean and Simple’, and Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill 4: The Room soundtrack includes three songs – and that was something I experimented on with this trailer. I did not use a full song, but chose an existing un-used audio track from my own folders to try and work with, and it ended up working perfectly. When starting to work on the file I cut out most of the audio, and accidentally left in the opening lyric “When you | find yourself“; it ended up synching perfectly to the main character in the game finding an identical companion. Bookending the same vocal at the end of the trailer emphasised the nature of the game, that the ‘Journey’, and finding yourself along the way, is more important than the destination.
The landscape of the game trailer suggested a foreign land, and I tried to give the melody an ethnic feel to represent this with the instrumentation.  An African Nyatiti  forms the plucked strings and chooses notes from a double harmonic scale.

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