Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

The footage of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is powerful, its mood is particularly eerie and at points, frightening.  Beginning with heavy piano juxtaposed with high-pitched eerie squealing, the beat develops with the sound of moaning, heavy breathing perhaps, smattered with friction sounds of scrapes on surfaces intermixed with the breathy sounds and regular undertone.

The idea of any Silent Hill game is that it is unsettling; it is made of everyday sights and sounds that we should be used to, but distorted in a way as to make it jarring. For example, a common enemy is a nurse; contrasting the visual symbol of someone who should be a healer with a weapon in her hand, and emphasising this discord with unnatural movements, Silent Hill serves to take the familiar and make it frightening.

To replicate this sensation, I layered synthetic instruments dissonantly to increase the uncomfortable feeling. We recognise the sound of the piano, but the eerie unnatural squealing set us on edge. The moaning and breathing resonates unhappily, upsetting and jarring with the regular undertone.

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