The Last Of Us

The Last of Us trailer begins with two children and other people and focuses on an outbreak of possessed creatures that are then battled.  This footage required huge effort in timing the process of the battle and appropriate turns in the direction of the footage was developed in the sound.

The Last of Us is an action-oriented game set in a bleak dystopia where a father and daughter battle an outbreak of mutated creatures and humans, doing whatever is necessary to survive.

The action required a lot of hard work to sync the rhythm to the action, which was necessary to communicate to the audience the fast-pitched and intense nature of the game.

I recorded sounds of my own breathing to layer up the texture, and to layer up the meaning; these characters are literally fighting to be allowed to keep breathing, and it is often hard work.

The trailer is also heavily dialogue-based, so I needed to provide a lot more space in this trailer than any of the others so the producers could put the dialogue over the top of the music.

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