To The Moon

To The Moon is an “indie” (independent) game. While it has traditional RPG 2D imagery in its trailer, the storyline and gameplay is unusual and experimental. The story in this game is at the forefront, and it is an emotive storyline of a man grieving his wife’s death. The music had to be almost anempathetic to the game’s bright imagery; with the imagery we expect action and humour, but the storyline is designed to play with the audience’s emotions, and that’s the message the music had to bring.

To The Moon was difficult to score, inasmuch as there is not a lot of action to sync to. It is a diverse offering even in the scope of usual independent “indie” gaming, and required a different approach to any other game.


It is the story of an old man looking into his own past to discover the reason for his wife wanting to fly to the moon. As he goes through his past in stages, he experiences so much of the sadness of his life in reverse; we experience his wife’s death, then her long hospital stay, then her diagnosis, and then the knowledge of what’s to come to the happy couple.


The emotion was the part of this piece that was the most important. The composition needed to be emotive. In order to connect the audience to the sad storyline, I actually visualised a different sad storyline; appropriating an event in my imagination that was sad, I was able to tap into that emotion, and score a short piece to an imaginary personal tragedy that communicated the emotion that the makers of To The Moon were trying to achieve.

Taking that short piece of composition, I then matched it to the trailer and started to develop it into the fuller piece. I gave the higher melody that had been with the harp and woodwind to the lower piano at the end of the trailer, where the action part of it is, to show how the storyline develops and grows and deepens.

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