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The new album from StainScar, Gynoid Heart for a limited time only, get your digital copy with 50% off retail price using discount code supportstainscar at checkout and support independent music today. Gynoid Heart by StainScar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Gynoid Heart

My 4th album, Gynoid Heart is now available from bandcamp!
This album is released as a CreativeCommons Sharealike 3.0 licence.


More details to follow. For now, enjoy the new album from StainScar Productions.


The Fixers – Everybody’s Challenged

StainScar productions have been involved with the ITV Fixers Project headed by Charles, (Furbz91). We produced the audio mix and master of the project called “Everybody’s Challenged” together. Charles as Project Coordinator and Song writing/Arrangement, and me as the Mixing Engineer. We unfortunately were not credited in the live broadcast, however I hope we will see the full interview on the website.

fixers Logo TransparentDownloads and more information will be available here after the broadcast.

Indaba Submission – Big Head Todd and the Monsters “Hey Delilah”

I tried to capture the live feel, and keep the rise in energy as present in the original track stems provided. I’m a recent CMT graduate. I have removed one of the stems (the audience shotgun cardioid, as the original was distorted, and reduced the overall quality of the mix ).

I mixed this in the style of similar rock/blues tracks.




Big Head Todd and The Monsters have been a mainstay on the blues scene since their founding in the mid 1980s. From guitarist Todd Park Mohr’s prowess on the guitar to the down home grooves of the whole group, their music is attuned to the sounds and the tradition of American music. Their new album Black Beehive was self-released on February 4th.

Now, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Telefunken and Indaba Music want you to mix the live performance of “Hey Delilah”, which was recorded at the Telefunken Studios. Whether you’re using Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, or other, show us what you can do.


“Flappy Bird” Inspired Composition

It appears that the world has been taken by storm by a phone game called “Flappy Bird”, even more so after the developer “Gears Software” decided to pull the plug.

I felt that the game lacked music, so I have written a composition I feel would go well with the game. Here is a piece I have written.

flappy bird web promo banner

I hereby release this composition to the world under a free licence:
Creative Commons License
Flappy Bird (8-Bit-Try 9,900,099) by StainScar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Download: StainScar – Flappy Bird (8Bit-Try 9,900,099).mp3